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    Stay Competitive and Compliant.
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Reduce The Complication and Costs of Managing In House Call Centre Staff

Peace of Mind

All calls and trips are recorded. Ensure driver safety with 24 hour vehicle tracking. Duress and response systems are prioritised. Optimise accountability and maximise your profits.


CTCC offers a range of service options to suit your needs. From 24 hours a day, 7 days a week options to part time as well as the ability to pay per call or per car. Let us help you get the most out of your system .

Legislative Assistance

Reading, understanding and putting into practice new legislation can be challenging. CTCC can assist with your fleet being compliant in the ever changing world of State Legislation.

Growing Expectations

Your customer’s expectations are changing daily with the threat of ride share services. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and let the CTCC exceed your customer’s expectations, when booking a taxi, whether by phone, web or app.

Country Taxi Call Centre

Country Taxi Call Centre is an Australian owned and operated taxi call centre based in Country NSW. With over a decade of experience we have grown to provide services to fleets Australia wide. Our dynamic and flexible approach allows us to provide outstanding customer service to all of our clients, regardless of fleet size. We ease the complications and costs of managing in house call centre operators.

  • 100% Australian Owned
  • 100% Australian Operators
  • Scalable solution
  • Flexible billing
  • Decades of experience
  • Journey recording
  • Emergency monitoring
  • Full time and part time options
  • Legislative assistance
  • Take bookings by phone, the web and via app

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Our Technology

At CTCC we integrate with the Smart Move dispatch system. This technology combined with our call centre makes for a superior passenger experience while increasing fleet productivity and security.

Combining GPS positioning technology and mobile phone networks, our systems provide real-time information for drivers, dispatchers and passengers. With this timely information available, pick-ups are allocated on geography, job length and other factors to minimise down time.

As a CTCC customer your fleet will be fitted with the smart move mobile data terminal. Providing each vehicle with a robust display that is super easy to operate. The use of mobile communication and GPS technologies means our technology can be used even in remote areas.

The reporting features of our system allow fleet owners and managers to track and optimise all aspects of their operation. CTCC are by your side to help generate and utilise our reporting facilities. Reporting facilities make complying with legislation much easier.

Monitoring and tracking not only make dispatching more efficient and timely, it also increases the security of your operators and passengers. The tracking and reporting features of our system make dispute resolutions much easier.

Our People

  • Location: Our Call Centre and operators are based in country New South Wales. Our operators are experienced courteous and professional.
  • Training: All our operators go through rigorous training on our offline identical simulation system before being placed in the field.
  • Familiar: Our agents have a pleasant familiarity about them that sits well with urban and country passengers and drivers alike.
  • Professionalism: Our team are highly trained and drilled in protocols, to keep everything running smoothly even when drivers encounter problems.
  • Integration: Our people integrate perfectly with our systems giving both drivers and passengers the benefits of hi-tech tracking and scheduling with the caring and problem solving ability of real humans.
  • Management team: Our management team are available to guide you through setup and implementation along with ongoing support and optimisation.
  • Reliable and Dependable : We have exceptional staff retention, and low staff turnover, our team has 200 + years combined operator experience.

Compliance With Ever Changing Legislation


Understanding and complying with the ever increasing and complicated legislation of governments is a daunting task. At CTCC we can help you navigate the compliance landscape and implement policies and procedures to keep within the regulations of your state or territory.

Ask us how we can help your fleet stay compliant and competitive.


Systemising your business can be a time-consuming process, requiring constant updating and revising. Creating procedures also makes for a streamlined and efficient business that can run independently of management interventions.

As part of the CTCC team you will be making use of tried and tested procedure and systems. These procedures offer fleet managers peace of mind, and a great base to build their business.

Meeting Greater Customer Expectations

Technology and communication have given consumers greater choice and expanded their expectations. Its not only ride sharing applications that affect these expectations, in all aspects of life consumers are expecting the flawless integration of location, communication and billing systems. Along with technological expectations, consumers also expect the same old, or better local phone booking and support.

Country Taxi Call Centre provide systems to plug and play your business into this new high level technology, and personal service. You can now satisfy all the expectations of your customers in one place .

While app and PC based booking are becoming more popular, a large percentage of the population still and always will prefer to book by phone. CCTC provide the systems to provide phone based booking optimised and integrated with the latest technology.

What our customers say

75% less headaches since we started using CTCC. The fleet runs much smoother without much input from me, which is a pleasant change.

Bill Mac

The team and technology combine perfectly. Less downtime, more productivity and happier drivers. Keep up the great work.


We are very happy using the Country Taxi Call Centre. It has saved us a lot of money and provides major administration benefits to our fleet. Our customers find the operators are very professional and helpful. Highly recommended.

JonathanBathurst Taxis
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