About us

  • We are owned equally by Bathurst, Orange and Dubbo Taxi Co-operatives
  • We aim to provide quality customer contact services for the taxi industry
  • We were established in 2005
  • We are located in Orange, NSW
  • We have modern facilities and up-to-date equipment
  • We have a diversified and growing customer base
  • We welcome feedback
  • If you need a customer contact service, we’d like to hear from you



We use one of the most powerful and advanced dispatch systems available today.

Through real-time GPS tracking and mobile communications, the SmartMove taxi dispatch and tracking system offers fleet operators integrated reports on vehicle movement, activity and jobs, as well as providing a resilient call centre management feature to improve customer service.
The in car touch units are among the most reliable hardware available.

The SmartMove automated taxi dispatch and tracking system includes an integrated touch screen unit providing drivers with a central booking, meter and tracking system.